1. Do you have an active support contract?

If you are certain that your username and password are correct (i.e., You've logged on with this account information before but now it doesn't work, etc.), your support contract may have expired. To renew your contract call 1-888-266-8705, option 3 or fax in this form.

2. Disabling Browser Cache

This site uses a lot of automation and often generates pages that are dynamic. In order to see them properly you browser cache setting has to be turned off. To do this, follow the instructions below:


  • from a menu select "Tools" for IE5 or "View" for IE4
  • select "Internet Options"
  • in "Temporary Internet Files" section click on "Settings"
  • select "Every visit to the page" for "Check for newer versions of stored pages"
  • save the settings

Netscape Navigator
  • select "Edit" from the menu bar
  • select "Preferences"
  • from "Category" tree expand "Advanced"
  • click on "cache"
  • select radio button "Every Time" for "Document in cache is ..."
  • save the settings